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The advent of music printing and revolutionary changes in musical instrument technology around 1500 brought on the Renaissance in music. The double-slided sackbut, first depicted in illustrations around 1480, could be played not only more virtuosically but also much lower than the slide trumpet. The wind ensemble now had a bass. A time journey from the high shawm sounds of the Gothic era to the rich polyphony of the Renaissance. With compositions from the Monk of Salzburg, Guillaume Dufay, Johannes Ciconia, John Dunstable, Alexander Agricola etc. (CD available)

Music of the Angels
Renaissance Winds
Ad modum tubae
Council of Constance
Johannes Ciconia
The Good, the Bold and the Fearless
Early Folk Music
Mediaeval Summits
Orient & Occident

Early Music & Jazz
ars supernova

Winds & Dance
Alta Danza
A Grand Renaissance Ball

Multimedia Productions
...and he called for his pipers three
Plus Ultra
The Notebook of Zorzi Trombetta

Les haulz et les bas & belladonna
Missa Sevillana

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