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Les haulz et les bas

"Les haulz et les bas - one of the most exciting wind ensembles of the present "

Welcome on the website of the Ensemble Les haulz et les bas - the International prizewinning ensemble for medieval and renaissance wind music. 2018 marks 25 years of Les haulz et les bas. We will be celebrating with an anniversary concert at the Utrecht Early Music Festival of our new programme, 'The Good, the Bold and the Fearless' - Music for the Dukes and Duchess of Burgundy. Of course all the programmes which we have created during the last 25 years are still available. On the left side you have the possibility to get detailed information about the individual programs and to listen to music samples.


John the Fearless

Philip the Good

Charles the Bold

Mary of Burgundy

John the Fearless, Philip the Good, Charles the Bold and Mary of Burgundy ruled Burgundy from 1404 to 1482 and turned its Court into a centre for the arts unparallelled throughout Europe. The list of composers they patronised reads like a 'who's who' of medieval music: Guillaume Du Fay, Gilles Binchois, Alexander Agricola, Robert Morton, Antoine Busnois... This programme by Les haulz et les bas combines the whole range of sounds of medieval art music: the brilliant sound of the alta capella of shawms and slide trumpet, the intimate chamber music of the soft ensemble of harp, dulcimer and fiddle and a virtuoso vocal ensemble.


Alta Capella
Bassa Ensemble
Vocal Ensemble
Hans Memling, The last judgement (details, 1471)

Gesine Bänfer (D) - Shawms, bagpipes, dulcimer
Ian Harrison (GB/D)- Shawms, bagpipes, voice
David Yacus (USA/D) - Slide trumpet
Miriam Andersén (S) - Voice, harp, percussion
Julian Podger (GB/A) - Voice
Susanne Ansorg (D) - Fiddle, rebec


LES HAULZ ET LES BAS auf youtube:

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